Swot Analysis Of Honda

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Malaysian car consumers’ market size was identified to have bigger proportion at present because the company earned some reputation among the citizens. There is a promising market growth for Honda cars since most of the manufacturing is based on the plantation at Pegoh, Melaka. For the next three years, Honda is expected to have steady business income.

As a part of comprehensive marketing plan, this report will communicate the way Honda customers are segmented based on the primary data analysis and then after an efficient marketing mix to conquer the automotive market in Malaysia. The first segment is families in the lower salary group and looking for options to buy their very first car. The second target usually will look for cars that are high in price and high in quality.

In the effort to meet the demands of both the target markets, Honda creates unique value added cars. For example for the lower income consumer segment, they make affordable cars that have adequate safety features. As such the value propositions that Honda offers to their lower income segment are cheap and safe. As discussed above, higher salary consumer segment will look for expensive vehicle because they can afford to pay for it.

As such the value propositions that Honda offers to their higher income segment are expensive, reliable and comfortable to satisfy their need to have a vehicle that reflects they are in the higher ranking in society. Honda may not able to satisfy every market segment

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