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BUSINESS DESCRIPTION Referring from Honest Tea business plan in 1999, the Honest Tea is a company in foods and beverage industry that provide variety of bottle ice drinks especially tea that based in Bethesda, Maryland. However, the company was established since in 1997 and the founder is Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff. Both the founder share the idea which is selling a sweet beverage. Now, Honest Tea become a well-known company and success in their management team as a record of entrepreneurial from selling and creating a new healthy product especially provide a variety type of teas. It is because they create an innovative business strategy toward their business run and then smoothly growth then become part of the world’s largest beverage…show more content…
It is because the Honest Tea have a bottled tea that have a taste like tea, freshly brewed and barely sweetened. Moreover, the Honest Tea have a unique about their product which is the product have a low in calories, health benefits of brewed tea, cultural experience of tea compare than other drinks that produce from other company in the same industry. That why the Honest Tea can sustain in the global industry since then. By having a unique product and project they can easily to increase their selling and attract the buyer especially a customer that want to buy a quality and healthier product by having support from the investor (Honest Tea,…show more content…
Sustainability is important as a part of essential in business today because the investor need to see their current achievement, current changes, environment pollution toward the beverage industry. When that happen, we know that the Honest Tea have a lack of awareness to put in their business description that can be a serious matter to have a good feedback from the investor. Nevertheless, from description that provide from Honest Tea, the investor not see a clearly about their weaknesses and strength. It will be a difficult for them to attract the investor to invest in their business during that time and it will lead not to meet their mission statement which are they strive for relationship with their customers, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders which are as healthy and honest as the tea they brew (Honest Tea,

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