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Company Analysis: Hooters The company name Hooters is a name that has a double meaning referring to both the logo of the company which is a bird-owl known for its hooting habits and a phrase used to refer to the human breasts. The restaurant bears the name Hooters since majority of its staff members are waitresses. The waitresses comprises of young women commonly referred as the ‘Hooter girls’ for their attractiveness and outfits. The girls’ outfits and attractiveness form a key component of the company’s image since the founders of the Hooters restaurant came up with the business idea from what they observed as greatly wanted and required by most gentlemen; beer, great food and attractive women (Brizek 2-3). Therefore, from a marketing perspective,…show more content…
Apart from the foods and drinks, the company has also been involved some other activities in the past that have had their share in the success of the company. In between 1988 and 2011, Hooters sponsored sporting activities ranging from boat racing in Formula one to Hooters Golf Pro tour. Back in 2003, Hooters launched the Hooters Air Airline that was believed by many to have the prettiest stewardesses in the history of air transport. Hooters Company also runs several casinos in various major cities of the world (Graver…show more content…
Kate for example one of the Celebrities used by Hooters use the slogan of “Hooters for Neuters” (Urbanik 40). The company has however embarked on a huge marketing campaign especially in the USA as a result of increased competition from other restaurant companies where it is aiming at ensuring that it reaches everyone; male or female, old or young to come to the Hooters restaurants and have some fun. Today, Hooters is using a variety of advertisement techniques ranging from print media such as Coupons and billboards aimed convincing the public of its clear intentions and eliminating the current problems the company is facing especially on the issues of exploitation, sexual harassment and discrimination (Britek 6-7). It has also hosted several TV commercials and is already in most social sites especially Facebook and

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