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1.1 Industry Profile: The health care industry is also called as medical industry or health sector. The health care industries are one of the fast-developing industries in the world. It is one of the economical segment, which offers medicines, drugs and various other services for treating the patients. This sector is considered as the social sector and is monitored by the State and Central Government. The rapid growth of the health care sector took place during 1950s and 1980s. Today we have health care sectors, operating under both public and private sectors. It has stretched from the cities and has reached even the rural areas.
Segments of health care industry:
a. Hospitals: Hospitals provide the complete medical
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It is the major source of employment and revenue for India. It is supported by both the public and private players. The public health care sector is governed and monitored by the Government. It has limited expansion and concentrates more on providing the basic facilities required for the citizens in rural as well as urban areas. But, due to the changes in technology and politics, even the Government hospitals are eager to cater the needs of specialized category of health services and hence led to the improved medical services. India is able to obtain the competitive advantage over other countries because of the well-trained medical professionals and their dedicated services. The cost of offering health care services is very less when compared to the other Asian countries. The cost incurred for surgery in India is one-tenth when compared to United States or other Western…show more content…
Human resource is a broader concept when compared to the human capital which has a narrow view. John R. Commons coined the term ‘human resource’ in his book “The Distribution of Wealth but did not further build upon it” during 1893. The term was extensively used during early 90s as the workers were seen as a kind of asset or capital. From the perspective of an organization, workers or the employees are seen as the capital to the company, and their values can be enhanced through further learning and development and is termed as human resource development. Human resources play an important role in the development and success of any organization. Administration and operations are the two major areas covered under HR. Human Resource Management is a wing of the organization, which is formulated to maximize the employee performance in serving the employer’s objectives. HR concentrates on people management within the organization. HR departments carry out the activities like employee benefit schemes, design employee recruitment procedures, training and development methodologies, managing performance appraisal of

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