Swot Analysis Of Hospital Putrajaya Management

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CHAPTER 4 STRENGTH, WEAKNESSES AND RECOMMENDATION Every organization regardless the small or big companies have their own strength and weaknesses in their daily operation because it involve a lot of things to cater on. Related to trainee practical training at Hospital Putrajaya, trainee has identified a few strengths and weaknesses in HPJ and provide some recommendation as to overcome those weaknesses. 4.1 Strength in the workplace 4.1.1 Good leadership In Hospital Putrajaya management, a good leadership style is needed to manage the organization with have many employees to be take care. A good leader has the ability to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and experience to undertake the tasks expected from him/her, both in terms of the job…show more content…
Staff is a group of persons, as employees, charged with carrying out the workof an establishment or executing some undertaking. One staff will do a variety of tasks even though it is not his/her responsibilities. Staff in Training Unit for example handled so many task includes training of housemen and interns. Sometimes, it creates a tension among staffs because of a lot of works that need to be done while the due date is closer and no one can help to reduce the burden of the job. It is more crucial when there is staffs especially the women who are on her maternity leave and only the staffs on duty have to cover everything left by the women staff. This is what really happens in HPJ that lead them to be in trouble and create pressure for the staff as to cater everyone needs especially the external customers. It is not easy for one staff to handle few jobs especially not in their field in order to fulfill another staff. Sometimes customer want a paperwork earlier that the deadline and this will make the employee have to work with extra energy and time. This also reduce their performance and also exposed in making many mistakes. Lack of staff will result to higher turnover. High turnover costs the company money. Each time an employee is terminated, HPJ must spend money to hire someone else. This includes the time and money…show more content…
Some of the staff take for granted any new idea brings in the organization. For example the Employee Online Data System, they still used the traditional system of filing instead of using Employee Online Data System. When an employee want to apply for leave they can just apply online in the system so that the Head of Department will approve it online without have to give signature and make a copy and so on. It is actually reduce the employee work as submit online is much easier but they still do it manually. Peoples resist in changing when they do not understand the proposed purposes. When employees not understand the process, they can assume something bad and feel uncertainty on the new things in the organization. This also can be related to Employee Online Data System that become the alien thing in HPJ and the staff still not understand the use of this system and lead them to the resistance to change. Sometimes the new thing is difficult to be accepted by people and it takes time for them to adapt with a new environment that differ from current practice. Thus, it will be the employer job to encourage the employee to adapt with new changes for better

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