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The hospitality is taken from the term ‘hospice’, meaning a house of rest for pilgrims during medieval times (Grottola, 1988). Hospitality may be defined as the reception of guest and catering to their needs and expectations, these may include food, beverage, lodging, and transportation, activities/Entertainment, shopping and supporting services. Hospitality entails a mixture of tangible and intangible factors that include the behaviors of employees and make available for guest’s security, psychological and physiological comfort (Brotherton, 1999).


1. The UK hospitality industry is connected to a wider and diverse industry with many organizations inside the sector ("contemporary hospitality industry -
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Some essential jobs title in this huge industry are namely: Catering Manager, Entertainment manager, Conference Centre Manager, Accommodation manager, Fast Food manager, Hotel manager, Public house manager, Restaurant chain area manage. The industry is rich in diversity found in abundance with the extent that business influences the economy with a subset of organization within the sector such as Sole traders and large Multinational cooperation’s with 80 different jobs to the economy, and 6.7% to GDP of the country and industry is growing rapidly. The size of operations range from the lady who operates her own craft village selling craft items to visitors, 80 percent of hospitality operations employ less than five people. The industry is interlinked with diverse business such as restaurants, hotels, casinos, resorts, tour agencies, travel agencies and many other businesses. Jobs are given in preference to applicant with relevant education. Diverse accommodation from shared bunk bed room to luxurious rooms is available to customers. The industries coincide with agriculture and fishing. Eating enterprises are diverse includes: Takeaways, Fast Food Outlet, and Fast Food, Popular Catering, Mainstream Catering and Fine Dining. The main focus of the industry is customer satisfaction; this is more than human interactions. Customer…show more content…
It is an industry by which entrepreneurship to strive can be establish by the common man. It also integrates many other business and foster development in the economy that contribute to the GDP of a country. It is a driver for employment and creation. It fosters the exchange of culture and diversity that will bring interaction between guest and host. It creates employment in entertainment/ activities. Entertainers are mostly local employees who craft their skills by providing entertainment on a day to day basis. Some of these employees become local and international

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