Swot Analysis Of Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality Services: The areas in hospitality services incorporates , travel and tourism and leisure parts. Alternate ventures incorporated into this segment are Food and administration, Bars, Nite clubs, Amusement parks, inns, Motels,Hostels,Restaurants, Self‐catering convenience, Holiday focuses and Travel operators. It has developed throughout the previous 26 years and regardless of the subsidence is resolved to show great growth. The area at present utilises around 2.5 million individuals and offers help to different ventures.

Hospitality Industry : The Indian tourism and hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key drivers of development among the services sector of India. It adds to 6.23 percent to the National GDP and 8.78 percent of the employment. Steady change, functional development and improved measures have picked up the hospitality business of Indian standards everywhere throughout the world. The business is mainly segmented in two portions which are tourism and hotels.

 Tourism: The tourism division incorporates medicinal services tourism, adventure tourism, legacy tourism, ecotourism, provincial tourism, natural life tourism and journey tourism.

 Hotels: These incorporate business inns, resort lodgings, airplane terminal, resort inns, timeshare inns, club inns, tradition focuses and meeting focuses.

Tourism in India has created expansive employment and is a major wellspring of foreign exchange for the nation. The travel and tourism industry

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