Swot Analysis Of Hot Dog Cafe

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Hot dog café is quintessential- it is a representative of the most perfect example of quality within its line of operation. They are a fast-food franchise that operates through about 140 outlets located in various parts of South Africa offering an excellent product that needs no improvement, as confirmed by Market research. According to the (SA Franchise Brand website) the Hot dogs café has achieved with resounding success in producing a high quality product in line with world standards in the vending environment. They have assisted unemployed individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds through training and development. Hot dogs café has also assisted corporations and organizations seeking to meet BEE scorecard credentials effectively and sustainably. Their prospects include projects that are aimed at turning the drivers of the delivery vehicles into entrepreneurs in their own right. One of their plans also involves the establishment of an in-house BEE butchery. Hot dogs café’s mission statement states that: “We strive to complement the Hot Dog Café experience with excellence and a variety of convenient outlets to suit your every need. We…show more content…
A number of manufacturers use a mix of distribution channels and this method is known as alternative channel arrangements. Although it seems that Hot Dog Café is already currently using an alternative marketing channel, being dual distribution, the use of a strategic channel alliance could be beneficial to the brand. Forming alliances with existing manufacturers could prove to be a way for Hot Dog Café to reach different markets. The nature of the product sold by Hot Dog Café allows for intensive distribution coverage, meaning that the product can be sold to anyone and everyone. Setting up a store or temporary sale point for the hotdogs in the middle of another high customer volume store could prove to be profitable and a good method of

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