Swot Analysis Of Hotel Inn

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Introduction Q1) SWOT Strength - Strength inside an organization are its capacities that make it strong in the industry and help it accomplish to set an objectives. These capacities could be a product, a service, a brand or anything that can gain an advantages as it is vintage hotel and its been there from last 30’s. The Town House hotel has a sense of pride along with the traditional community as well as rich history. There are enough space for car park which can hold almost 150 cars. Good capacity for guest for Breakfast, lunch or dinner Weakness- Weaknesses can be of many as it has become an old building, today’s generation the livelihood are different so guest have a image on their mind about this generation, less staff, managers that cause…show more content…
It may a concern for many people those who are visiting Northern Ireland because of the ongoing very delicate political situation. This has influenced the tourism industry and in this manner this inn as well. By law, compensations were brought down however working hours were not, so this leaves the representatives disappointed. This might be a genuine variable so the nature of the inn's administration may lower and leave clients unsatisfied. Also, as the business is not all that gainful as it utilized to be, the inn's premises can't be overhauled to satisfy the clients present day needs. Q3) HR Strategy Employees as a Source of Competitive Advantage Recommendation Following are the recommendations identified from this case study. These recommendations are not exhaustive because additional recommendations can be identified by combining the ones given in this report. However, the study has briefed a list of high priority recommendations at this point. Following are the recommendations for The Town House…show more content…
“The training of team members and leaders is the foundation of any successful improvement program” (Business Balls, 2014) SERVICE QUALITY The study result show that lot of guest was not really happy about the services which the hotel has to offer, the reason behind this could be less of man power and standard of service, if the hotel has to maintain its competitive advantage than it needs to provide distinctive services to keep the guests happy, the quality of service has to be up to the mark considering that the hotel is a star property and guests wont settle for anything which is just about
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