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INTRODUCTION High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC) is a manufacturer of smart phones in Taiwan. HTC was the first handset that was used to launch smart phones by Android and it was developed by Google. Before using Cloud Computing, users must be able to research about kind of security before obtaining the online Backup Services. Now one of the customers of Google Cloud Computing Services is High Tech Corporation. High Tech Computer Corporation started with the vision of putting personal computers in the palm of customers in form of smart phones. It pushes its customers to re-imagine the technology by their day to day innovations. The Connected Services Division (CS) provides a service that has enhanced the value of HTC…show more content…
Few of them are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform etc. Amazon’s Sales men were so rigid and they didn’t come to the performance requirements of the HTC Company that’s why it turned to the Google and it was willing to host HTC Company.
It has launched various applications and mobile features that are fully supported by Google Cloud that are,
• As HTC uses Google Cloud Computing, all the data get replicated automatically, that helps in easy accessibility.
• HTC Developers use Robust Infrastructure for easy recovery of data.
• It helps in lower latency and faster apps. It means the data will be quickly accessible from your closest data centers in just few minutes.
• It provides streaming video services by the help of HTC watch.

Features & Applications
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To ensure the accessibility of apps all the time for which it makes plenty of computing power that underpinned them at the backend. The killing feature of the Google Cloud Platform was the datacenters that are located all around the world that’s why all the data get duplicated at different servers. It provides HTC the best robust infrastructure it means the backup of data could be achieved in just few minutes. It provides best feature for those who are obsessed with the Facebook and Messaging as it provide Facebook button on the keyboard. For Example, if you have ever use Android mobile, firstly you login with Google account on it then automatically contacts and Gmail inbox synchronized. When your Facebook account and Gmail account merge up then it immediately updates the HTC Status. HTC developed its own Facebook app. No doubt it was the first phone that provides this

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