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HubSpot was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in the year 2006 with its headquarters near MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The founders of the company, Halligan and Shah, raised $5million from General Catalyst in 2007 and then in less than a year, the company raised a further $12 million from Matrix Partners. HubSpot build software products that helped companies execute inbound marketing programs to supplement or replace their traditional outbound programs and by 2009, HubSpot had 1,000 very diverse customers.
Inbound Marketing:
Inbound Marketing is a collection of various operational marketing strategies and techniques that focusses more on pulling customers toward a business and its products.
Pros of Inbound Marketing:
• Creating
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With busy life schedules and day to day activities and with the usage of laptops and smartphones, the marketing rules and tools has taken a different version altogether. The usage of search engines, blogs, social networking sites etc. has focused to develop new ways of effective marketing and yielding more business to the organization.
Hubspot should narrow its client list and concentrate more on them rather than keeping its client list very diverse. By having a diverse client list, it will be difficult to create a template strategy that can be used for other clients also. It should important to consider the customer lifetime value segment with other segments such as churn rate, revenue generating,
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B2C customers are more sophisticated and HubSpot’s content templates were too rudimentary for their needs. B2C companies had strong work force team to support them in different marketing segments.B2B companies more complex and took more time in decision making. Average cancellations for B2B is 3.3% and for B2C is 6%. The percentage of B2B customers is 68%. So from the above analysis, B2C companies doesn’t require much help as they already have strong work force team to support them and also the churn rate is more and that too with less percent of customers compared to B2B. So, it’s better for HubSpot to concentrate more on B2B

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