Swot Analysis Of Hyatt Hotel

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 Background & History
Hyatt Hotels Corporation is involved in the franchising, management, development and ownership of Hyatt-branded resorts, vacation & residential ownership properties, and hotels internationally. Hyatt was established by Jay Pritzker in 1957 (Hyatt Hotels, 2015). Hyatt Hotels Corporation, once called as Global Hyatt, is a worldwide hospitality organization. The organization is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and utilizes 46,000 individual employees but now this organization is gaining a major part of its business from their branches in the United Arab Emirates (Hyatt Reports, 2015) as UAE alone accounts for approximately 30% of the entire Hyatt Hotels Corporation system. (HYATT, 2015) When we talk about UAE, Hyatt Hotels
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Hyatt Hotels Corporation has an expanded product collection based on service and price. (MP Reports, 2015) Hyatt Hotels Corporation stretched its loyalty program by starting the Experience Rewards, offering its 18 million associates more experience and personalized oriented rewards options. (MP Reports, 2015)
• Weaknesses: o Inadequate market segment due to hard competition from domestic and international players o Dissatisfaction amongst workforces based on salary matters due to global perception (MP Reports,
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(Eggers, 2011) Settlement rules and measures of getting a UAE visa becoming stricter can be stated as an example for legal features that do impact Hyatt Hotels Corporation performance in UAE in indirect ways. Moreover, Hyatt Hotels Corporation’s performance is directly affected by employment and customer protection laws in UAE, as well as, the type of competitive regulation in the country. (Clements,
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