Swot Analysis Of Hyundai Card

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In this report we will discuss in depth about Hyundai Card’s marketing strategy.
We will look in to the bases on which its competitive advantage is depending to sustain its advantage. Also, we will evaluate how well the setting of its current value chain matches the drivers in the industry.
Furthermore, we will discuss about the alternatives proposed and how it addresses the current strategic and operational challenge.
Lastly, we will draw a conclusion with recommendation with any supporting evidence for future issues and if there are any immediate measures due to be implemented.

Literature Review & Critical Analysis

Competitive advantage usually takes place when a company engineers a quality or mixture of attributes to outshine its
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HyundaiCard’s diverse marketing strategy brought the online and offline channels together.

Furthermore, to implement a direct marketing strategy and add profits, HyundaiCard concentrated on customer value and online communication using e-CRM.

SWOT Analysis


• HyundaiCard became South Korea’s fourth largest credit card company.
• In September 2004, HyundaiCard was rewarded 1st place in Service Quality Index for their Credit Card
• HyundaiCard M gradually gained the largest subscriber base in South Korea.
• HyundaiCard was acclaimed as Korea’s Most Admired Company for two consecutive years (2007 and 2008).
• HyundaiCard was awarded 1st place for National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) for third year running (2005, 2006, and 2007)

• HyundaiCard was chosen as number one in the Credit Card category of Net Promoter Score (NPS)
• HyundaiCard website traffic came close to the top three credit card companies in 2005 &
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• HyundaiCard was too slow in making a name in the international markets.
• In comparison to other credit card companies, Hyundai entered the credit card market late by standard
• Very little brand awareness
• Communication through marketing was unsatisfactory
• Lower customer resulted in

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