Swot Analysis Of Ibis Hotel

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The Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP) can be considered as the most important step towards launching the new ibis hotel in the South Indian City of Chennai (see Table. 1) as this will create a brand recognition paving the way for a sustainable business model. In a highly competitive industry as the hotels are today it is more than important to have in-depth analysis from time to time, and renewing the relationship with marketing and engagement tools. Under the time constraints in an opening hotel and to maximize the cost it crucial to get the target segments right with a proper analysis of the dynamics involved in the business not just limiting to the market segmentation but also looking at the entire socio-economic situation in the city of Chennai.
Under such circumstances there is a need to be focused on driving volumes to the hotel as well as keeping focus on price using the marketing mix and creating an SMP focusing on different market segments. The tourist arrivals into Chennai have been seeing a steady growth and there is hope of the general business climate to improve with the government putting in place many new growth drivers. In the coming years the Occupancy by volumes are bound to grow and so will the Average Daily Rates (ADR), though the rising competition will be trend which will require fresh strategy from time to time with strong marketing campaigns. Advertising on traditional mass media channels such as Television, radio or newspapers are not viable to target

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