Iffc Market Analysis

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Executive Summary: The report is purposed to present the market analysis and product development of IFFCO Group Companies which is a UAE based multi-national company operating in the Middle East, Australia, Africa and Asia. The company is selling FMCG’s with a vision to deliver high quality and its long term vision includes investing in future. Therefore, company focuses on the business expansion in future with an aim to focus on customer need and develop strong people relations. The company was inaugurated in 1975 and in the global market facing a competition with the world’s biggest food and beverage companies such as Unilever, P&G and Nestle. In its home country it is a leading brand and gains the largest market share. In the report, the market analysis and the company’s overall marketing strategies are discussed in detail with the brief overview of company first, then strategic objectives aligned with the company’s goal and…show more content…
• The IFFO’s prime strength depends upon its future investment scheme. • It has achieved the customer loyalty through its core component of ‘value delivery’ process. • Being a quality producer it has a stable position in all of the areas where it operates. • The stronger relationship with its customers, suppliers, dealers and representatives enables it to operate successfully. • The organized structure and management team of IFFCO enables it to overcome any uncertain risk with collaborative efforts. • The company’s success due to its predicting and fulfilling the customer needs along with focus on customer’s need is the core competitive edge over its rivalry. Weakness: For such a large and multi-product company, identifying weakness may be hard but the key weaknesses identified are: • Strong

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