Swot Analysis Of Ikea

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Cover Page Table of content ● Business Objective ● Target market ● Marketing strategy ● Swot analysis ● Strategic planning ● Competitors ● Promotional recommendation Business Objective The main objective of Ikea is offer various home furnishing items that are created to be functional, excellence in quality and durability, offered in prices that people of various socioeconomic classes can afford it. Target market The main target is very broad. The company aims to be appealing to customers of various ages, , geographic locations, sexes, all who have one thing in common which is preference pricing. Marketing strategy Ikea knows how to create excellent relationships with their customers. Ikea conception is based on the market positioning statement. They are committed to develop product design and consumer value. Ikea uses material that is inexpensive in a new way and diminishing production, fees of retail, distribution, therefore their customers have an advantage from low costs. Low price would not be appealing if it does not have fine value for the money the customer pays. Ikea is well known to make a true difference. They are committed to have good relationship with their suppliers; therefore they are able to purchase excellent quality that is also cost effectively produced designs that are purchased in bulk to keep the prices low. By creating all their furniture flat packed the price on

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