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Hbm110n Fundamentals of Marketing With Mr Ee Yaw Seng Real Assignment: Preliminary Marketing Report. By: SASHIN ANURUDHA RAMANAYAKE 4322614. Content 1.0. Introduction 4 2.0. Industry Definition 5 3.0. Contender Overview 6 4.0. Macro Environmental Analysis: 8 4.1. Demographic Environment 8 4.2. Monetary Environment 9 4.3. Innovative Environment 10 4.4. Political & Social Environment 10 4.5. Social Environment 11 5.0. Shopper Behavior Analysis (Dmp) 12 5.1. Psycholigical Factors 12 5.2. Individual Factors 13 5.3. Social Factors 14 5.4. Social Factors 14 6.0. Further Market Research 15 6.1 SWOT Analysis 15…show more content…
They are looking as the Sri Lankan showcase as it shows high potential and presently, there is an absence of supply with attention to the ultra-light running shoe market. This item is required to go after piece of the overall industry in the monopolistically focused Sri Lankan footwear industry. A macroenvironment investigation portrays the political, sparing, social and innovative angles joined with working in Sri Lanka Purchaser conduct designs in the urbanized business sector portion is additionally examined where mental, individual, social and social elements are inspected. Further statistical surveying is exhibited by a SWOT examination that depicts inward variables, for example, qualities and shortcomings, and outer components, for example, opportunities and dangers. The Sri Lankan market has been divided as indicated by geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral qualities. A definitive target business sector would comprises of understudies and players from urbanized urban communities in Sri Lanka, that are between the age of 23 and…show more content…
In the event that Inno furnishes the focused on portion with a brilliant item that encourages the significant prerequisites of the buyer, it is prone to catch the faithfulness of the Sri Lankan business and in this manner work in a compelling, beneficial way. 1.0. Presentation The worldwide interest for footwear in Asia has demonstrated an abnormal state of development from the late nineties till now. This gives an immaculate chance to enter the Asian footwear industry as the open doors are gigantic (Anon., n.d.). At the point when considering Sri Lanka specifically, it is obvious that the nation has market potential. As Sri Lanka has entered a phase of high financial advancement, it shows to be a decent beginning stage when presenting INNO Company's new item. The reason for creating this report is to give INNO organization an attainable showcasing arrangement, with a definitive objective of giving all the essential data with thought to dispatching their new item, Inno-v8 (Pronounced improve). This new item will utilize high engineering and development while at the creation methodology lastly convey a decent quality combine or running shoes at a reasonable cost. Inno-v8 will have "inventive" emphasizes that would join new advances with the ever present requirement for

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