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Introduction Innocent drinks was established in 1999 after 3 college friends sold their smoothies at a music festival in the UK (Aaker, McLoughlin, 2010, p.306). In the past 16 years that they have been established, Innocent grew to become the biggest smoothie maker in Europe – surpassing its competitors and turning over £200 million each year, as reported by Business Insider Singapore (2014). Innocent 's Strategic Position Innocent, as the name suggests, was coined for its pure and natural ingredients with no added preservatives, as well as to reflect an honest approach the company has to its to consumers (SocialBro, 2015). The company strives to be as transparent about their drinks, finances, as well as showing compassion for the underprivileged.…show more content…
In these sessions, consumers are able to test out new recipes as well as voice their opinions on how the company and its recipes can be improved. It is important to find out what a company 's target market expects and continually enhance and move along with the trends to create excellence and ensure that its consumers ' expectations are met in order for it to remain sustainable (Industry Week,…show more content…
From a Coca-Cola brand perspective, this decision for the takeover is a positive one as it is easier for the company to acquire an already healthy and running company that has already established itself and brand identity strongly in the market rather than making their own brand of juice from scratch. By aquiring stake in Innocent, Coca-Cola takes away one less drink competitor in the market and also gain the knowledge and know-how on making fresh fruit juice without having to do new research and development on the market. From this takeover, Coca-Cola is seen by consumers slightly more positively as Innocent has a reputation and good image for being a clean, happy, and healthy drink. The public perception of this on Coca-Cola is a better image as it shows people that the company does care about the health of its consumer by being more involved in the manufacturing of healthier drinks. As Coca-Cola has long been marketed and associated to being a happy drink for all ocassions (Forbes, 2014), by being associated to Innocent, it is in line with its own principles as well as Innocent 's principles.

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