Amazon Business Model

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Amazon is an American multinational e-commerce company and it was established in 1994 by Jeffrey p.Bezoz and it’s the largest online shop in the world.
When there were a numerous of online retailers that were not able to survive in 1990 amazon managed to survive in that time. It 's the 11 'st most searched site the world over also amazon acquired many online retailers such as “, IMDb, CDNow”.
Jeff bezos the founder of Amazon converted his garage into a warehouse and then Jeff Bezos was able to establish the Amazon as an online retailer while concentrating on core values . When books started selling, Amazon extended to selling other items.
The originators vision was to build a virtual shopping place for book lovers .
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A B2C, or Business-to-consumer organization, is one that sells goods and services directly to the customers. such as Restaurants retail are all examples of B2C organizations.

Differences between business to business and business to consumer ?

At this point, it ought to be clear that B2B and B2C organizations differ greatly because their target audiences are different.
Business to business:-
The business to business side of Amazon is various. Amazon makes business relationship with all sizes of organizations from sole proprietorships to corporations. New and un-established organizations can begin with personal account and afterward move up to a business account when sales increase which means that Amazon provides organization with a means to sell or to advertise their products directly through Amazon by setting up their own pages on Amazon .
Amazon does business to business marketing by transportation goods for clients when they sell. Likewise Amazon has advertisement so they promote for business.

Business to consumer
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As a matter of course, individuals purchase what they need on website alone. In any case, with regards to, their relationship advertising group has made it much simpler for clients to share their experience with friends and families alike. After clients make a purchase, they are given the choice to conveniently share their buy on social networking channel of their own choice, or send it by email. This not only works as a mode of free publicizing for them, yet the feedback they gather from clients after they make their purchases permits them to enhance their service
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