Swot Analysis Of Jetblue

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JetBlue was founded on the history of American aviation, in 1999 with an initial capitalization of $130 million. JetBlue 's strategy was to combine common sense with innovation and technology to "return humanity to air travel". David Needleman founded Jet Blue based on his own experiences and seeking to improve the expectations of his clients, collaborators and associates, thus making the service excellent. . Despite the competition, JetBlue has had ambitious growth plans, focusing particularly on the needs of users who were not satisfied, such as itineraries, high fares and commuters when traveling, among others.

JetBlue Vision Statement

Actual JetBlue airways vision statement is as following: “We 're always up for good” (D&B Hoovers, 2018) JetBlue vision statement represented the company core values. It clearly identifies the firm operations and also the purpose of the product. It is a one single sentence, more like an attractive slogan that suggested the purpose of the company and were they are heading in the future. However, potential vision statement could be: “Born to Fly” This vision statement delivered a short phrase that is sharp and easy to remember of what the company is trying to convey to the consumers.

JetBlue Mission Statement

“JetBlue 's mission is to inspire humanity – both in the air and on the ground. We are committed to giving back in meaningful ways in the communities we serve and to inspire others to do the same” (D&B Hoovers, 2018). The mission
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