Swot Analysis Of Johnson Baby Powder

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The Johnson’s baby powder as a product itself has the following set of characteristics which makes the consumer recognize the product in the market, • Gives smooth skin to the baby • Protects the baby from rashes • Looks-cylindrical packaging with pores on the top, cuboid with curved edges • Twist and unlock • Mild colours like White or Pink or Light Green in package and design • Different sizes ranging from 50g-700g • Branded as Johnson’s baby powder even though the companies branding is Johnson and Johnson • Available in different variants- Original, Aloe Vera, lavender, Blossom and bedtime The list of competitors include, • Himalayas baby powder A soft gentle powder that refreshes and cols your baby’s skin • Mothercare Mothercare plc is British retailer which specialise in products for exponents mothers. • Morison’s Protective, mild and comforting Enriched with the goodness of zinc stearate & virgin olive oil Business marketing Johnson baby powder being a product from a famous brand Johnson and Johnson depends on a lot of other health care companies and medical companies for their success of the business. There needs to be a balance maintained between the goods coming out and the raw materials that get into production of the product. A demand caused for this product could affect almost the whole of the baby care industry, since Johnson’s are the sole manufacturer of many of the products under this industry. Thus, a very small demand for

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