Swot Analysis Of Johnson's Baby Powder

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The Johnson’s baby powder as a product itself has the following set of characteristics which makes the consumer recognize the product in the market,
• Gives smooth skin to the baby
• Protects the baby from rashes
• Looks-cylindrical packaging with pores on the top, cuboid with curved edges
• Twist and unlock
• Mild colours like White or Pink or Light Green in package and design
• Different sizes ranging from 50g-700g
• Branded as Johnson’s baby powder even though the companies branding is Johnson and Johnson
• Available in different variants- Original, Aloe Vera, lavender, Blossom and bedtime

The list of competitors include,

• Himalayas baby powder
A soft gentle powder that refreshes and cols your baby’s skin

• Mothercare
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• Johnson’s baby powder at different stages of its life cycle as used different positioning statements like “Mothers choice”, “Like Father ,Like Child”, “Smooth skin, guaranteed”

Distribution strategy

• Baby powder as a product related to child care and wellness is broadly distributed but not only in medical stores but also in many of the fancy grocery stores near children care hospitals. Apart from those, Johnson’s baby powder is available in all medical stores and pharmacies in all hospitals including government hospitals for easy availability of the product to the consumers. Recent developments in the distribution of baby powder is the inception of lot of retail chains dealing with baby products like (mom and me, justborn etc.) e-commerce has also given a possibility of this product being able to reach each and every household in the
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Pricing strategy

• Pricing is the factor with which the product is placed in the market for sales. Every product has a specific price associated with it based on the different sizes in which the product is available and also based on the different variants in which the product is available. Johnson 's baby powder are priced at an amount ranging from R 25 to R 250 based on the sizing of the product in this case from 50gms to 700gms.

• Apart from selling baby powder as a sole product Johnson 's also have this strategy of selling this specific product along with a varied no. of gift packs or combo packs along with different other Johnson 's products like baby shampoo, ear buds, hair oil, etc, sharing the package. The products in these cases are priced slightly on the lower side.

• The sizing of the product is based on the customer who is buying the product, if one is new customer probably smaller packs of baby powder is bought at the shop and once it forms a reliable bond with the consumer, probably larger packs of baby powder is bought. Hence, near the hospitals Johnson 's baby powder is mostly available in smaller sizes and in higher end retail chains like Mom and me etc., it is available in larger sizes where most of the customers would buy for their monthly requirements in the post natal maternity

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