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1. Just Eat Just Eat is an online platform dedicated to the intermediation between restaurants and consumers in the takeaway food service. Since the beginning of their activity in Denmark starting on the mid 2001, the company has managed to expand to other 12 countries (see Exhibit 1). This report is going to analyze their 2nd expansion, which took place in the United Kingdom during the year 2006. Before getting into this point, let us introduce how Just Eat works. 2. Their Business Model On the one hand, from the customer’s point of view, it is really easy to order anything to eat. The process is based in five steps: 1. Introducing postal code. 2. Searching for a restaurant. 3. Choosing and ordering the meal. 4. Introducing shipping and payment …show more content…

• Efficient and scalable technology platform. • Strong brand and online presence. • Good relationships with restaurants. • Experienced management team. • High market entry barriers. • Highly profitable business. • Robustly developed sales and distribution network. Weaknesses • Heavy investment in R&D. • High marketing and communication costs. • There are cities in where they are not present yet (like Montrose). Opportunities • Highly scalable model that gives the opportunity to grow across different countries. • Large market that is continuously growing. • Potential increase in-market and out-of-market M&A. • Venture capital available. Threats • Future competition. Big technological groups, like Rocket Internet (see Exhibit 7), are investing in the takeaway food business. • There is still a huge amount of consumers that rely on franchises for takeaway food orders. 4.2. PEST Analysis Political Factors • One of the most important and economically strong countries of Europe and the world. Member of the EU, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, G8 and the United Nations Security …show more content…

Economic Factors • Food takeaway is a cyclical market, so the prosperity of this activity depends on which state of the economical cycle the country is. Actually, UK has already recovered from the 2007 crisis and its Real GDP s growing at a 0.5% rate. • Relatively high tax structure. Social Factors • The British society is characterized by a busy lifestyle and need a quick and convenient takeaway food service. • Population is more concerned on health issues and many of them follow newly updated healthy food trends. • More appetite for different kinds of food, hunger for different choices (see Exhibit 8). Technological Factors • Technology is each time more frequent in their citizen lives. 66% of adults own a smartphone. • Technologic advances such as 4G have catapulted this market. 5. Conclusion To conclude, Just Eat is not a new a FEM. Since almost 10 years ago is working and growing within the UK takeaway food market. All the data here exposed suggests a nice future for the firm, consolidating itself as the number one takeaway food service in the UK with still plenty of room to

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