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Marketing Analysis: Kanela Buns
(by: Domaoal, Charlene A.)
To promote the product in order to be well known in the pastry industry, Kanela Buns will integrate a marketing mix that is designed to produce a mutually satisfying exchanges within its target market. Each of the elements, the product, price, place and promotion influences each other and must be blended to achieve favorable result. Kanela Buns will utilize the following:

The main product of Kanela Buns is the home made cinnamon roll. Cinnamon rolls are sweet rolls which are made with its main ingredients flour, sugar, cinnamon and butter topped with creamy heavy glaze. Kanela Buns offering is the delicious cinnamon you will ever eat made from fresh products. This oven hot cinnamon rolls’ aromatic taste makes you realize that nothing comes closer compared with other
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Kanela Buns focus on meeting the needs and demand of a regular local residents’ customer base, as well as tourist traffic from nearby highways. Kanela Buns aims to target the following: travellers, students, mothers and celebrators.
STUDENTS- Aside from selling the product in stalls, Kanela Buns will distribute cinnamon rolls to school canteens in a consignment basis. Students include elementary, high school and college students. Children or students ages from 6 years to 12 years old are fond of eating sweets as well as teenagers or students ages 16 years to 20 years old. Aside from the satisfying taste they can get, cinnamon also has its health benefits.
TRAVELLERS- Considering the location of distribution, travellers plays the majority of the target market. Stalls no. at Camiling will be located by the terminal in front of community market while stall no.2 at Mangatarem will be located by the terminal area in front of community park. The product can satisfy the hunger of these travellers. It is also a great buy for pasalubong for their loved

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