Swot Analysis Of Kerry Group

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Strategic Report
Kerry Group
As of 25.10.2016

Vision Statement

Kerry Group with the employee strength of 23000, 800 scientists, 132 manufacturing locations, operations spread in 24 countries and sales in over 140 countries aims to be the world leader in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to the communities in which we serve and fulfil our responsibility of business by maintaining the highest standards of social and ethical behaviour while benefiting all the stakeholders associated with us.

Mission Statement

Kerry groups mission is to be the pioneers Food, Beverage and pharmaceutical industry.
With the advancement of science and technology the company is determined to manufacture innovative products so that it
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• Quality issues - Because of the change in the quality of the raw material the overall quality of the product gets affected . Kerry Group is also concerned about the fluctuation in the price of the raw materials. To encounter this we have Global Quality Management System.
Analysis of Threat
• Developing Market - Kerry Group is committed to strategic growth across all developing markets which exposes to inherent few risks like political instability, slowdown in economy, volatility in currency and quality standards to name a few.
• Talent Management - The success of the company is heavily dependent on acquiring and retaining strong talent.
• Growth in cybercrime - This is a huge area of concern and the company is working reducing this.
Marketing Analysis
The market is evolving every day. Kerry Group is focused towards delivering products which matches the changing consumer. The market is evolving every day. Kerry Group is focused towards delivering products which matches the changing consumer.
Taste & Nutrition - Marketing
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Nutrition and Wellness - Marketing Strategy
Customer Needs- Avoidance - Zero free or zero variant products.
What we can deliver - Gluten free, No/low/reduced lactose
Customer Needs - Balanced and Moderate Food. Products with diet, less or low tags.
What we can deliver - Reduced sugar, salt and fat
Customer Needs - Nutrition - For health freak consumer - nutrient rich products.
What we can deliver - Protein rich, macronutrients and healthy fat foods.
Customer Needs - Tailored food - targeting individuals like athletes, infants and the elderly.
What we can deliver - Toddler nutrition, Aged based nutrition and weight management

One Year Goals
• Environmental Goals - Achieve ISO 14001 approval Strategy: Implement Kerry Carbon Reduction project in 2016.
• Marketplace Goals - Implementing Kerry Global Management System(GQMS) and Kerry Foods Manufacturing Standard(KFMS). Certifying all plants against an accredited Global Food and Safety Initiative(GFSI)standard.
Strategy: Implement Origin Green programme in Ireland and achieve Better For You programmes annual goals.
• Workplace Goals - Drive day to day business ethics and compliance to Kerry’s

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