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Objective - To increase the sales of KFC Malaysia by 30% in one year period. - To capture 20% of the market for health conscious customer by 2016. Target Market KFC Malaysia commonly uses demographic segmentation strategy based on their customer’s age as the parameter. Their main target segment concentration can be divided into 3 groups, which are children, teen & young adult, and family. KFC targets children aged below 12 mostly because fried chicken are their favourite food. In addition, KFC has introduced Chicky Meal to cater for kids that comes with a free toy. KFC also aim at teen & young adults between the age of 13 to 25, which are always on the look for a quick lunch bite with a flexible and affordable meal. Hence, KFC initiated a real saver menu that is known as ‘Lunch & Dinner Treats’ and Combo Meals to cater for their budget customer that focus on extra choices. Meanwhile, KFC also targets urban family who wanted to spend some quality time while children can enjoy at the playground. For that reason, KFC came up with menu like holiday bucket and family feast to cater for a larger number of people at a reasonable price. Marketing Strategy Product strategy In order for KFC Malaysia to convince their customer that their food is healthy to be consumed, it is recommended that they reposition some of their current product. Normally, KFC only serve their food deep fried and the greasy image of the food are bothering their health conscious customers. In order to satisfy

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