Swot Analysis Of Kickball Business

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Section 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Kickball Sports Store (KSS) will sell quality sporting goods equipment primarily focused on football and futsal equipment, apparel and accessories. This is because nowadays the industry of football and futsal product is growing rapidly. Furthermore, a lot of sport areas focusing on football and futsal were established especially in urban areas. Besides, it is aim to create healthy awareness among community. With our knowledgeable staff we will provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable coming in and asking for training advice and discussing equipment needs. Football and futsal have always being popular among Malaysians especially youth. It has been around for many years. The popularity of football and futsal has cause the emergent of many football and futsal clubs. Based in Kuantan, KSS wants to be a recognized sporting goods store focusing on football and futsal. Ideally that location would be strategic or a high foot traffic location where anyone can travel a short distance to find our store. This way of doing business will attract people since it located in the strategic place and easily to find. Since the sports industries are large as there are sports products sell everywhere around the world. As in Malaysia, the main competitors Kickball Sports Store are Al Ikhsan, sports stores that were established a few years ago. So far Al Ikhsan has many in stores in Malaysia and they also have stable management. A little bit about

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