Swot Analysis Of Kids Fashion

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• Quick Overview of the Kids Luxury Fashion Market

When Baby Dior was created in 1967, there was little sign that the kids luxury fashion market would one day be at the forefront of the minds of the fashion elites but there is some evidence today that this young and niche segment has become a highly promising and expanding market in which almost all key luxury brands have decided to invest.
The years 2000 can be seen as the glory years of the kids fashion market as more than thirty luxury brands have entered the market, created brand extensions and launched their own children line during this period. The organisation of the first ever kids fashion week in London in March 2013 is a proof that this market is now to be taken seriously and that children collections are promised to succeed when well executed. The special features of those children luxury brands are that it is very rare to see a stand-alone children luxury clothing line and that the established and renowned luxury brands that have launched their own children lines often entrust their management to independent groups or companies. They use licences to keep control on it but leave the management and the creation of the collections to the group they work with.

In this segment, two major French groups hold most of the market shares on the international stage: Children Worldwide Fashion (CWF) and Zannier Group (GZI).
In this report, we will only focus on the group Zannier in which I completed a six months work

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