Swot Analysis Of King Furniture

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SWOT Analysis
1. Well-known Brand among Local
King Furniture is a local well-known brand. It has a good reputation in the furniture business market and also in the e-commerce market. Therefore a lot of customers will be attracted by our services or furniture in a short time. Most of our target customers are between the ages 27 to 40 years old.

2. Good Financial Services Provided
Consumers can use our King Furniture private online payments app (King Furniture’s software specialize designs barcode) which also knows as “Kingspay” to buy the products. Furthermore, consumers also can request for the ideal paying rent for our products.

3. One Stop Services
Information flow, capital flow and goods flow are the three key e-commerce transactions
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It can focus on home furniture improvement in the slowing furniture market. It supports customers with tips and ideas on its website to reduce their impact on the environment. This will also save them money. Staffs are trained on sustainability, both on what King Furniture is doing and how they can take responsibility to become sustainable for themselves. For example, the concepts of once consumers gather information about their evaluative criteria and brands in their consideration set, alternative evaluation occurs when the consumer makes comparisons and judges the abilities of each selected brand to perform according to the consumer’s most 25 important criteria. In this stage, consumers can narrow their options down to one – the one chosen for…show more content…
Economic factors
King Furniture offers the low prices create appeal amongst its customers in tough financial times. It is vital to keep prices as low as possible when the retail sector is depressed. Besides that, King Furniture’s pricing strategy targets consumers with limited financial resources. Its products will also appeal to those with higher budgets through good quality and design. The company must ensure that it is always recognized as having the lowest and reasonable prices on the market for future.

3. Computerize Warehouse Management System
King Furniture looking for the latest version of the WMS which can supports the day-to-day operations in the warehouse. The software that founded was the fully automated Warehouse Management System (WMS) specifically designed for the third party logistics industry - 3PLink WMS. 3PLink WMS will increase productivity, reliability, accuracy and responsiveness leading to top-tier power with a fast ROI. Boost customer satisfaction by offering your clients secure web visibility 24/7, automated reporting, EDI or wireless scanning.

4. Improve the E-commerce

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