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Kissmeyer_Brand manual_div. oversættelse Brand position Billede forbrugere i forskellige situationer The structure of the Kissmeyer brand enables the product to belong to several beer categories and have a wide presence on the market. The consumers’ choice of product type depends on occasion and situation – as well as on company – and the Kissmeyer brand and concepts reflect this behaviour. Good beer is more than just one type of beer, and Kissmeyer is a brewer with a very broad repertoire. The Kissmeyer products do, however, share a number of characteristics: they have all been conceived with great passion, and no compromises have been made as regards recipe, ingredients or brewing methods. Brand Attitude Her kan vi vise bagsiden med…show more content…
This helps the consumers navigate. Each concept has a tale of its own and each tale represents a part of Kissmeyer’s unique personality: As the name suggests, ICON are iconic brews from Kissmeyer’s backlist. Passion denotes the brewer’s special interest here and now – and Kissmeyer is a brewer of many interests. Then we have Co-brews, where we activate Kissmeyer’s network of brewers around the world. The Tribute, which pays homage to the heroes of the business – and the Adventure series, which is a conceptual platform on which Kissmeyer can comment and communicate his beer. Finally, we have the very first food beer ever created, born in the kitchen and the result of an entirely new kind of…show more content…
This goes for all communication as well. From the very beginning, Kissmeyer has been created with an eye to communication and storytelling. With Kissmeyer, we have a brew master, who represents a past, a present and a future: a brew master who is both popular and recognized on the entire international scene. And finally, Kissmeyer is a brew master with attitude. These qualities are already inherent in the product branding and the naming of the brands in the portfolio – and thus the products themselves become vital communicators in the media landscape of today, where activities and events rank highly with the press and social platforms. Dette har ganske stor betydning i dagens kommunikations billede, hvor de væsentligste platforme er båret af aktiviteter eller events som bliver kommunikeret via pressen og sociale platforme. (den her er simpelthen så svær at oversætte, fordi jeg har svært ved at ”graspe” betydningen – ovenstående er derfor blot mit bud på essensen) Our mantra is: If we want consumers to talk about the Kissmeyer brand, we must give them something worth talking

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