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Marketing Plan Marketing Plan is a business document written for the purpose of an analysis of the current marketing situation, opportunities and threats for the Kitty Cafe, marketing objectives and strategy specified in terms of the four Ps, action programs, and projected (and other financial) statement. Marketing Mix Marketing Mix also represent as four P’s, is a crucial tool to help us understand what the product or service that our Kitty can provide and how to plan the offering successful product for our Kitty Company. The most commonly four elements of marketing mix are Product, Promotion, Price and Place. Product Product includes a tangible good and intangible service these can match the specific customer need or demand, constitute…show more content…
In the recently years, longevity via television and mass media were neglected. Furthermore, Kitty communicates the value of their offering, or the value proposition, to our customers through a variety of media. 1. Advertising Advertising is a communication with the users of a product or service. We use every possible media to get or pass the message and information through advertising such as direct selling and internet.  Social Media Advertising The first step to successful marketing is to have own web. We create our own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Weibo to daily update the information about the Kitty’s products, promotions and others information to let customers know about our latest information. In this generation, almost all of the people are access internet in everyday, so that we do the free marketing advertising through social network to attract more customers and also can increase the Kitty’s reputation.  Traditional Banner Advertising [Refer to…show more content…
After that, we decide the environment of the Kitty Café is pink color with the white color, both colors are matching the Hello Kitty’s image. This theme strategy, can attract female to enter our Café and the colors can make the customers feel comfortable, relax and happy. It can reduce the stress of customers especially students. 3. Social responsibility [Refer to Appendix] The packages of Kitty café have their own design to make the packages by themselves. The packages are using the papers and plastics that can be recycled. This idea can save the environment of earth, and also can increase the image and sale of Kitty due to customers will feel that we have the 爱心 toward the environment of earth and would not waste the resources. So that, customers will start to prefer our Café because of we have the social responsibility. 4. Affordable price with high class

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