Swot Analysis Of Kodak

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Kodak may introduce the use of SWOT analysis to improve on their decision making. SWOT is an analysis tool that can evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an organisation internally and externally. Besides that, there are other analytic tools which can assist us to improve on decision making such as PEST for political, economic, social and technological, MOST for mission, objective, strategies and tactics and SCRS for strategy, current state, requirements and solution analyses.

Strengths for Kodak
1. Strong focus on technology innovation
Through the strong focus on technology innovation, Kodak are able to develop products that can fulfill the need of their customers. According to Smith, G. (1997), Kodak CEO George
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Kodak work with third party resellers and distributors to reach their customers across United States, Germany, China, Japan and more countries. On August 2006, Kodak agreed to transfer their manufacturing operations to Flextronics for digital cameras. Flextronics would manufacture, distribute, design and develop functions for Kodak’s digital cameras as part of their agreement for the collaboration. Thus, the collaboration allow Kodak to concentrate on their research and development for high-end digital cameras and other…show more content…
Through the development of new technology can help Kodak to meet their customer’s need and compete with their rivals. Kodak believed that there are good prospects in the printing industry. Hence, the develop of product and technology that are friendly to the environment such as Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates that need lesser energy and water without having to reduce the quality and productivity may be high in demand as the environmental awareness is getting higher among the people.

2. Good foreground in the packaging industry
The company believed that the demand for packaging is getting higher in fast growing regions due to the rapid development of retail chains, healthcare and cosmetics sectors that driven by urbanization. With their advance in technology innovation, Kodak are able to lead and design solutions such as Flexcel NX system that are enables consistent, high quality print with maximum on-press efficiency across the full gamut of flexo print applications. Jeff Clarke, the present CEO of Kodak stated that the company is gaining favorable profits in packaging and is happy with their performance in 2015.

3. Strong growth in printing
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