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8.0 MARKET GROWTH 8.1 Market Growth Kotex was the first brand to introduce sanitary products back in 1920 as well as the world’s first brand to introduce ultra-thin design pads, which combine superior technology with stunning designs in 2010. The growing ultra-thin market is of particular strategic and commercial importance as it expected to account for one in two purchases within the category from 2011. To further improve our market share on ultra-thin pads, we now come out with Kotex’s Herbal Ultra-Thin Pads. One year after Kotex’s Herbal Ultra-Thin Pads is launched, we expect our market and value share will grow rapidly and eventually hit our goal of increasing 60% total ultra-thin pads’ sales by the end of the year. Previously, when…show more content…
High brand awareness. Kotex is already a well-known brand among Malaysian consumers. 2. Brand leader in ultra-thin towels and standard towels in 2013 in value terms. Kotex is leading in its ultra-thin towels and therefore our improved ultra-thin pads will be able to tap into current market effortlessly. 3. Good marketing skills. Kotex stands very strongly for years with good marketing skills. We advertise frequently and launch lots of promotional activities. 4. High product availability. Kotex’s Herbal Ultra-Thin Pads will be placed in convenience stores, retail markets and pharmacies, making our product easy to reach by customers. 5. Unique herbal sanitary pads that create values for customers. Nowadays, customers’ are seeking for innovative products. Kotex creates value for its customers by incorporating herbs into its existing ultra-thin sanitary pads to fulfill customers’ needs and wants and eventually gain customers’ loyalty. Weaknesses 1. Herbal feature only limited to ultra-thin series. Kotex have many other product lines like Maxi Pads, Slim Pads, Overnight Pads, and Panty Liner, however improvement is only made on ultra-thin pads. Therefore, customers are exposed to only limited choice of Kotex’s pads with herbal…show more content…
On the other hand, another research titled “Feminine Hygiene Products: Market Research Report” published by Market Publishers shown that the leading players in the global sanitary napkins market in 2013 according to market share by company are Procter & Gamble , Kimberly-Clark, Johnson & Johnson, SCA, Unicharm, Kao and the others. According to Business News Analysis, in 2000, Procter & Gamble introduced Whisper Ultra, a revolutionary and unique product in the history of menstrual products in India for premium segment. Johnson & Johnson, the then market leader, without losing time counter-attacked with Stayfree Sure and other ultra-thin sub brands. The mid-market was threatened by low-priced sanitary napkins (from ambitious contenders such as Johnson and Johnson and Kimberly Clark lever.) In order to differentiate Kimberly-Clark’s feminine care brands from competitors, the major competitors have been studied and a quick review is as shown in the following table:

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