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Competitor SWOT Analyses
Competitor SWOT Analyses 1. Churreria La Lola Offerings Strengths Weaknesses
Product La Lola’s main product is churros that comes in variety of flavors,sizes, and dips.

What makes La Lola as our competitor is that they offer Ice cream Sandwich
Freshly fried churro buns with freshly scooped gelato--Vanilla, Dark Chocolate or Matcha

They are well-known already that’s why whatever they introduce, the customers will patronize it.

It is open every M-Th , Sun from 11AM-11PM; F-Sat 11AM-12MN The churro buns are too oily and it’s quite messy to eat.
Price Churros Clasicos
Medium – 110 pesos
Large – 195 pesos
XLarge – 275 pesos

Hot choco dip
M – 60
L – 100
XL – 275

Churroreo – 275 pesos
 Mini black
 Vanilla
Churros Bravos – 195 pesos
 Salty mini churros with all I oil Sauce and Salsa Brava
Xuxos – 120 pesos
Stuffed churros with a choice of Nutella, dulce de leche, strawberry jam or peanut butter

Ice Cream Sandwich - 145 pesos The price is reasonable for the serving of the ice cream in their sandwich.
Place Lower Ground Floor, North Wing, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City The place has a good ambiance and it is instagram worthy.

They have 14 branches all over the Philippines making them well-known The place is quite small wherein the customers can’t stay for too long.
Promotion Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/churrerialalola/

Instagram, @churreria_la_lola


Own website,

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