Swot Analysis Of La Seza

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Strategic Situation Summary
This part of strategic market planning area will provide the current situation analysis of all the core products available and markets description with the important of it, the characteristics, and the estimation on the market size, and also the process of the market for the La Senza. The market segmentation analysis indicates which of the segments to be targeted relate how important it is. The competitor analysis indicates the key competitors in the aspect of actual and potential, their strengths and weaknesses, probable future actions, and the organization's competitive advantage in each segment of interest. The business and marketing strategy applied by La Senza is perceived to be the most important areas for
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The ‘SW’ indicates the strengths and weaknesses in La Senza internally whereas the ‘OT’ indicates the opportunities and threats of the lingerie industry…show more content…
The strengths of the company are Limited Brands which represents a resourceful parent company of La Senza. Limited Brands has been operatingfor 51 years and have many experience in the retail industry with sufficient resources such as human resource for expertise and assets for capital (La Senza Corporation, 2006). The large amount of La Senza stores available in Canada provides availability, user-friendly and convenience to Canadians that helps indeveloping strong customer base (Limited Brands, 2013,).La Senza is well-known with its various choices of styles and sizes of lingerie pieces. Not only that, La Senza has approximately 800,000+ fans on its social site especially in Facebook (Shaw, 2013). However, brand perception was being affected due to the big numbers of about 70 stores in Canada had closed down in 2012, and the situation is getting worst as it is expected to close more in the following year (Limited Brands, 2013). This has directly made the availability of La Senza decrease and has led to a misgiving message on the performances of La Senza’s future (Jibiffis, 2012). Though La Senza is having store website, many negative reviews came from customers who have experienced difficulties in using the internet purchasing process. These affect the attitude or perception of both potential and existing customers towards the brands where negative word-of-mouthmakes hindranceonto the company’s reputation (Yelp, 2012).
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