Swot Analysis Of Lael Meara

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GOING TO MARKETS IMC ASSIGNMENT 11/17/2014 ABHISHEK LAL MEHRA TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION---------------------------------------------------- 3 2. Campaign Background----------------------------------------------------4 3. Insight And Strategy-------------------------------------------------------4 4. Implementation-------------------------------------------------------------5 5. Performance VS Objective-----------------------------------------------5 6. Innovations And Learnings ----------------------------------------------6 7. Bibliography------------------------------------------------------------------6 I. Introduction Campaign Details • Brand owner: Godrej Security Solutions • Agency: JWT Mumbai • Brand: Godrej Security Solutions • Campaign duration: 1-3 years • Country: India • Media budget (USD): $5m-$10million • Channels used: Direct marketing, Magazines - business, trade, Magazines - consumer, Newspapers, Print - general,unspecified, Television II. Campaign background Godrej Security Solutions targeted those home owners who expressed concern over security issues but did little more than worry. While most admitted that a home security solution was important, very few had invested in one. Security as a category seemed to suffer from inertia and complacency about security needs. While some felt that existing measures such as peep holes, safety doors, security guards and the like were adequate, others had not got round to actively thinking

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