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The Land rover market Audit British multinational company Jaguar land Rover owned by Indian automaker Tata Motors and headquartered in Coventry United Kingdom joined hands with Chinese State Owned automaker Chery to launch Chery Jaguar Land rover (CJLC), a 50/50 joint venture to start production of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles and engines in mainland China. (Li Fusheng ,2016)The two hearts into one strategic business policy built on the strength of both partners to capture the demand of a booming market. This essay analyses the marketing strategy of the group and use different established approaches to understand the group’s success in the Chinese market. The SWOT Analysis The strength resides principally in the product being a popular…show more content…
The competence of JL engineers, enables fast redeployment of new products to meet the demands for cleaner, more technology driven cars. Both partners have massive financial reserves for venturing into new untracked fields The threats are: 1. There is strong competition from other groups who target the upper market 2. China demands a reduction of CO2 emission and the drive towards energy efficient technology and new environmental policies will be mandatory for the car industry 3. Luxury cars are the first hit targets in the event of economic depression. 4. Patent protection is still lagging behind other western countries. (Mark…show more content…
Worldwide use of the Land rover vehicles in the army under extremely rough conditions is legendary and contributes to the market demand of the product Price: The price is positioned just below the BMW and Mercedes to make both Jaguar and land rover an attractive choice for upper middleclass Promotion: Jaguar Land rover have some of the most stunning advert shots on the market. CLR unveiled the exclusive China only Jaguar with the I-Pace all electric car and the Velar SUV at the Beijing Auto show 2016 Place: CJLR proposed a Customer first Strategy to increase its sales network. They are setting more dealerships in smaller regions - tier3, 4 and 5 cities for better customer convenience. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning: CJLR is targeting mainly the middle class and positioning the brand as a Chinese product with full identification with the British brand. The group has appointed Mr. Pan Qing as the first ever mainland Chinese National to serve as board member of the JLR to lead the business in China.

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