Swot Analysis Of Lavo Soap Bar

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Product Information The “Lavo” Soap bar is an eco soap, which is made with natural ingredients from local sources. Suitable for anyone with sensitive skin, especially families with kids and older people. More specifically, “lavo” is appropriate for mothers who want to satisfy the needs of their family at once. It is, a traditional, low-carbon footprint product, made with protein milk for moisture and special vegetables oils. Available in 3 different sizes 85gr, 100 gr, and 125 gr, and in 5 different fragrances: vanilla, coconut, peach, myrtle and honey soap bar for a great smell. The consumer can buy it from big supermarkets or through e-shops for natural products.

Question 1.
What are the potential target markets for consumer and business to business marketing?

DEFINITION: Business to business marketing is based mainly on the reduction of the costs, and on the increase of profits and productivity. In this type of marketing, there is a multi-step baying process. A product in order to be produced and then be distributed to the rest of the businesses needs to be distributed to different sections and expertise. In addition to that, customers do rational buying based on business value and require a high level of product in order to make their business competitive. On the contrary, business to consumer marketing is based on quality, price and consumer loyalty. The main goal of a business Is to make people consume as consistently as possible,

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