Lawrence General Hospital Case Study

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Vision and Mission of Lawrence General Hospital
Lawrence General Hospital’s vision and mission are clearly stated and published on their website home page for anyone to view at any time. The vision of Lawrence General entails the following, “Become a stellar regional health system known for the highest quality, highest value, service, efficiency, and compassionate care” (Lawrence General Hospital, 2018). This particular agency’s mission focuses on, “providing quality medical care and related services to the people of the Greater Lawrence community (Lawrence General Hospital, 2018). It also encompasses equality by stating, “Our physicians and caregivers offer treatment to all patients, regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender,
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As an employee and a student nurse completing my capstone clinical rotation at this agency, I can vow for Lawrence General, that this organization is in fact living by their values and beliefs whole heartedly. Over the past three years, I’ve been a constant part of the Lawrence General or as we call it “Larry G” community. I choose to be part of this community because of their important core values and ethical practices. Patient-centered quality care is at the top of their requirements regardless of a patient’s personal beliefs, religion, race, or ethnicity.
Teamwork is huge and most employees go out of their way to teach the younger generation tips of the trade. Teamwork, knowledge, and execution of medical care need to be thorough and precise. Especially, working in a 41 bed bay emergency department that is accredited by the Joint Commission in the following areas: level three trauma center, STEMI/chest pain center, and stroke center. During the process of fast paced medical care it is important to ensure that the core values of the agency: quality, integrity, compassion, and service are still being used without
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However, they all said they did not consider viewing these items prior to applying to the agency. The rationale behind this was that a job position was the most important item for them to attain. Also, they believe any practice deemed unethical, lack of quality, service, or compassion displayed by other staff members would bring up discussion regardless of the hospitals views or guidelines. In the staffs eyes most vision, mission, and core values listed by agencies tend to overlap or state the same idea and are tailored to the specific intuition that claims the views are individualized. In reality all health care facilities need to abide by guidelines to create and promote the well-being of the patients, families, and staff
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