Swot Analysis Of Lego

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Construction and building block toys for children
Demographic Segmentation
• The company’s collection of toys and games are targeted at both genders and different age groups.
• There is a product to engage children at every stage of their development, and products to cater to the needs and interests of older people.
• LEGO DUPLO was launched as the big brick for the small hand and is targeted at pre-school children.
• The series is graded in difficulty for children aged 2-6 years old. LEGO® DUPLO® Brick Box World People Set Tigger’s Expedition
Geographic Segmentation
• Major presence in developed nations such as Western Europe & North America
• Expanding its base in emerging countries such as India and China
• Countries perhaps categorized by size, development or membership of geographic region
• Population density: e.g. urban, suburban, rural, semi-rural
• Climate: e.g. Northern, Southern Geographic segmentation is an important process - particularly for multi-national and global businesses and brands.
Psychographic Segmentation

The major target of Lego is People with following values
• Imagination
• Creativity
• Fun
• Quality
• Caring
Behavioural segmentation
• One of the most unique aspect of LEGO products is the way it contributes to learning and development, and this is a clear benefit that the target market seeks.
• LEGO bricks benefit young children and allows them to build structures without requiring any particular craft
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