Operation Management Case Study: Lennescrafters

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The Company LensCrafters is an international retailer of prescription eyewear, and non-prescription sunglasses. The first Lenscrafters store was opened in 1983 with a promise of providing glasses in about an hour which was first in the industry. By bringing together experts in optometry and a state of the art optical laboratory, Lenscrafters was able to provide a very complete customer service experience. As of today, Lenscrafters is still an industry leader operating more than 960 stores and almost 15,000 associates across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Their mission statement is creating customer for life by delivering legendary customer service, developing and energizing associated and leaders in the world’s best work place,…show more content…
Through the affiliate program, the customers of LansCrafters are encouraged to refer their friends & relatives about the products and services of LensCrafters. Operation Management Challenges One of the key challenges in operation management for LensCrafters is sustainability. The priority of LensCrafts is speed, for example eye-glass within an hour. In order to achieve this it targets all its equipments and processes for a fast turnaround. In order to achieve this it has to align its operating system, operational human resources and all the facilities with the performance priorities. Another operation challenge will be to be current with all the information about the market and the trend. With the fast changing market scenario, this becomes very critical for the success of any business. Successful marketing strategies require information about potential target markets and their likely responses to marketing mixes as well as about competition and other marketing environment variables. Managers at LensCrafters also routinely analyze sales data that is available in the firm's marketing information system. By breaking down sales by product, store, and time period, they can spot buying trends early and plan for…show more content…
Beyond customer accessibility of services, they also wanted to spotlight the crafted and personalized nature of eyewear and redefine product delivery. This led to the creation of the special delivery cash wrap, which acts as a bridge between the in-store lab and the customer. Newly crafted glasses are placed in sleek trays and inserted into a pass-through wall between the lab and the cash wrap where they await pickup. This presentation celebrates the purchase in a personal way, making it a premium experience worthy of the price

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