Business Analysis: A SWOT Analysis Of Aeon

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Company Background

AEON company knows as largest retailer company in Japan whereby establish a solid competitive position and achieve continuous growth. It knows as department stores and financial services companies and targeted worldwide. AEON they use general merchandise store (GMS) whereby they combine supermarkets and departmental store under one roof and the operation on full line retailers whereby they provide product range from food and other daily necessities product. This company activities guided and focus on philosophy which is “Customer First “. They have principal whereby “Peace” ,”People” and “Community” whereby they want to create a good environment to the customer for purchasing goods and the revenue
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The affect can be count by internal or external problem. Under SWOT analysis for threats under AEON, we can see that AEON have a lot competitors such as TESCO, MYDIN, GIANT and many more. AEON must compete with their competitors in order being as a largest retailer as well as make their revenue high. When all this retailer compete each other, there will have some benefit to customer whereby, customer can see which retailer selling good goods and services with good price. When retailer sell their product in reasonable price, it will automatically attract customer to come and buy the goods that they sell. AEON must sell their product in reasonable price and provide good quality goods and services. This is because all the retailers will provide same goods and services to makes customer to buy. The other obstacle that will face by AEON is by workers. Workers are one of the main capital in…show more content…
In AEON, as we see most of the workers will be work for part time because they will be planning to work in short period of time. When they work they will be not serious during work and it will affect the working environment. Because went one worker is not serious went working time, other worker also will follow and it is big problem to the company.

The management AEON must take action whereby must monitor the worker progress frequently and take action if worker did

Furthermore, AEON also can create a goods environment in order to attract customer to come AEON. This is one way to attract the customer to come and buy product because when there is good environment that makes customers happy, customer will come and purchase the goods and services. One of the way is, AEON can provide a free parking spaces during festival session in order to attract customer. Plus AEON also can do some event in their mall for attract to come and visit the event. By that way also customer will come and purchase goods and

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