Swot Analysis Of Loblaws

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Company Situation Loblaws is the largest and most profitable food retailer in Canada. It is a supermarket chain, financial services provider, telecommunication services provider, and an apparel & footwear company. It has the highest market capitalization and net income among its competitors in the retail industry in Canada. Competition: - Company Market Cap(Mil) Net Income (Mil) Dividend Yield% Loblaws Company Ltd 26,348 1,684 1.6 George Weston Ltd 14,081 813 1.6 Metro Inc 9,228 591 1.6 Empire Co Inc 6,960 147 1.6 North West Co Inc 1,565 73 4.0 Organic Garage Ltd 10 0 - Industry Average 16,459 754 - SWOT Analysis Strengths: • Great financial performance. • Strong market hold. • Various different retail setups. Weaknesses: • Unassured quality leading to product recalls. Opportunities: • Growing awareness regarding organic and nutritional food in Canada • Productive viewpoint towards E- Commerce in Canada Threats: • Globalization. • Intense Competition. • Decreasing customer satisfaction. Strengths: Great financial performance Loblaws has been enhancing its financial performance over the last two years. Its revenue has increased tremendously due to the growth in retail industry. It reported revenue, net profitability, debt to equity ratio have improved and are showing a positive trend analysis. Strong financial performance enables the company to pursue its advancement and expansion ambitions. The company’s inventory turnover ratio is great. Loblaw reported an inventory

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