Swot Analysis Of Lufthannsa

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PRINCIPLE OF MARKETING ASSIGNMENT WORK TOPIC: ANALYSIS OF MARKETING STRATEGY OF THE GERMAN AIRLINES LUFTHANSA MADE BY : ANKIT YADAV (12BBT0021) ABSTRACT: German airlines LUFTHANSA is one the oldest airlines of the world and it is the largest carrier in Europe. In this paper a detailed analysis of the positioning strategy is taken in account. Further the various threats to the company are taken into consideration and the potential of each threat has been calculated theoretically. The reason for the downfall of the company during the recent years of recession are analyzed and the ways to boost the economy of the company, the most valuable marketing strategy that should be followed by LUFTHANSA is given in detail. Though very less experimental analysis is done in this project but theoretically various analysis results already done are taken into consideration in order to provide with a suitable marketing strategy. INTRODUCTION: The Deutsche Lufthansa AG started its journey in the 1920s when it was first introduced in Germany as an airmail system. The place of birth of the company is Cologne, Germany. By improvements in the navigation technology and breakthroughs in the airplane technology, it greatly influenced the reliability of the commercial flights and also decreased the time of flight in just around 30 years of time. After the Second World War came to an end, it started focusing on mass air transport systems which will be more profitable at that time as

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