Swot Analysis Of Macro Industry

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MACRO ENVIRONMENT POLITICAL The Department of Labor and Employment completely banned the End of Contract practice. This regulation will help employments get stable jobs to sustain themselves and their families. The Endo practice is ancient and does not match today’s generation, which affected the citizens of the country. Ending the policy of terminating employees after its expiration of service and illegal contractual employment schemes will help the employees and business owners hire and build good relations that could ensure loyalty and tenure of employees. The new policy will help the country be more stable and may open doors for development and improvement in the fashion industry. Comercio Uniforms Enterprise will now have a better…show more content…
Another concern of the apparel industry is the ever-growing underground economy that must be eliminated in the country since it does not help the country developing economy. Based on the article of Philippine Star, all companies in the garment industry are required to have official receipts, accredited by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Comercio intends to strictly follow all rules and regulations of the BIR and not support the underground economy that does not register their businesses and do not pay the right taxes. Comercio will maintain its financial books in order, so as to be able to report correctly its revenues and sales at the end of the fiscal year. It is also committed to paying the proper monthly and yearly taxes as required by law such as city taxes; value added taxes and sales taxes from its product sales. With this policy, Comercio is able to help the economy grow and is able to contribute in the…show more content…
International brands coming in helped educate the market in meeting standards, business transactions, and the development and growth of the economy. Fast Fashion was introduced in the Philippines when foreign brands in the country are reigning. This helped local brands use endorsers abroad to promote the products giving Comercio the opportunity boost its marketing activities with the help of endorsers that may create brand awareness for the business. Design inspirations for clothing pieces are made available by the international fashion brands coming in the country. This also gives the local brands the signal to level up and improve designing and innovating different styles. In the Asean Integration, goods and services will be coming in the country, which gives the opportunity for local brands to participate outside the country. The manufacturing businesses in the apparel industry in the Philippines can also be suppliers to the foreign brands. Expanding the business and branching out to other countries will need suppliers to grow the volume of goods to be produced, which may help earn profit to local brands and for the industry to prosper. In the case of local fashion brands, the thought of competition from big players and who would be marginalized by the flood of new competition make them paralyzed by the thought but may

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