Swot Analysis Of Malayn

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Opportunities i. Penetration to East Malaysia One of the opportunities available to MYDIN is the domestic expansion especially into the East Malaysia. In the East Malaysia, there is a large market where competitors are few. MYDIN need not open large hypermarkets in rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak. It can expand by opening new smaller stores such as its bazaar and mini markets as long as it can meet the needs of its customers. This will provide the people in the East Malaysia a new experience in shopping. At the same time, MYDIN will be able to grow its market and hence, experience lower cost of purchases. ii. International expansion to lower income countries Besides domestic expansion, international expansion also provides opportunity to MYDIN if it expands its business into international markets. There is a large demand for cheaper consumer goods especially in less developed and developing countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. This is because MYDIN has the knowledge of running a business to provide goods at wholesale prices. Therefore, MYDIN can bring its knowledge overseas. Through international expansion, MYDIN’s market segment will grow and this will allow MYDIN to make bulker purchases compared to now. iii. Increasing cost of living in urban area In addition, another opportunity is the rising cost of living in Malaysia. The increasing living cost is mainly due to the inflation and global economy. As a result, people tend to search for cheaper alternatives to cut
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