Swot Analysis Of Malaysia Airlines

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I/ Introduction Malaysia Airline is the national airline company of Malaysia, it was founded in 1947. Malaysia airline was originally opened in 1937 to create an air service between Penang and Singapore by different companies. Malaysia in an important company and it exploits 120 planes. In 2011, Malaysia airline had a turnover of more 13 billion us dollars and it transported more than 13 million of passengers. In Asia, it was one of the more safe air companies, clearly demonstrated by the five stars gave by Skytrax in 2011. Before 2014, Malaysia airline had good perspectives of development. But this years is terrible for the company, we can speak of a black year. Indeed, in several months the company ran into two major disasters. The first was the disappearance of the Boeing 777 between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing with 239 passengers onboard. The second was the destruction of Boeing 777 connecting Amsterdam and Kula Lumpur during flight by a missile. These two disasters changed the great future that it was forested to the company. We are going to see in this dossier, what is the past strategy marketing of Malaysia airline, what is the current situation and to finish which are the advices that we can recommend to Malaysia airline to improve their marketing strategy. II/ Strategic analysis A/ Business Context The main mission of Malaysia Airline is to transport people by plane, in the most confortable and safety conditions, between their places of departure and

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