Swot Analysis Of Mall

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Strength (Positive Internal Factor) Strengths are the positive factors of the company that can be used to attract customers. As for AEON mall, its biggest strength in terms of mall development is their wealth of experience which enables them to continuously handle everything themselves, starting from finding locations based on meticulous market research until the planning, building, leasing, managing and operating processes of the malls. They have worked with lands with a wide range of uses, including former factory sites, farmland and plots from land readjustment projects. Therefore, they always take pride in their expertise in being able to open a mall in any area. Besides that, having professional staffs is also one of their key strength. They are known as the core company which handles developer operations on behalf of the AEON Group, the Japan’s largest retail group. Most of their staffs have retail experience or from retail backgrounds, working on development. When they develop a mall, they always envisage the local area right from the initial stages, to a certain extent. Not only that, they will also observe the surrounding area from perspectives of retail and service industries and ask themselves who are their targeted customers and what are their needs. That helps them to develop a mall that will win over the affection of local people. In the process of developing, managing and operating malls in partnership with local communities, they have

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