Swot Analysis Of Mamibeka Restaurant

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Marketing Mix, Objectives, Key Results Area, Performance Indicator Mamibeka’s aims to provide a unique Filipino dining experience by providing quality, fresh, and savory Filipino dishes to our customers. We want to bring back or reinvent the Filipino culture with a modern twist.

We were able to identify 10 competitors within the Banawe area that we are locating. We assessed each of their strengths and weaknesses and in order to compete with them, we should be able to surpass their performance n the industry.
In order for our business to survive, we should generate sales and meet the breakeven point of Mamibeka’s grill restaurant which is at least 20 orders
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(PD.S.1., PD.T.3.)
Add more food choices in the menu like Inahaw na Tilapia and Bangus, Isaw, Lechon Kawali, Adobong Baboy, Inasal wings. For desserts, Mango Float, Ube Halaya, and Leche Flan. (PD.W.1., PD. T.1.)

Offer more choices of drinks like shakes, fruit juices, softdrinks, and bottled water. (PD.W.1., PD.T.2.)

Mamibeka’s Grill Restaurant Product Strategies Mamibeka offers Filipino foods which focuses on the grilled dishes mainly barbecue, Liempo, Chicken Inasal, and Stuffed Squid in which they offer different flavor using their own special marinate and this serves as one of our strength. Additional to that, we will be serving our dishes in a different kind of way using a metal skewer for our barbecue. All suppliers are reliable and is delivered to us daily. Our food will also be served with rice, one side dish, and drink but can also be a single order which the customers prefer. As the weaknesses of our restaurant, we have limited choices of menu since we are a start up business. A weakness our competitor, we observed that our competitors don’t give much attention to the quality of product they serve to their customers. Additional to that some of them (Qubiertos, Grill Prince, A la Diane, Uncle Roni’s Pub, and Blue Ginger) serve their food in a traditional way using a plate and bamboo sticks for the grilled products, while we will serve our products in a different way using metal skewer as a strategy to that. Mamibeka will also maintain

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