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a. The product and production orientation of marketing asserted that a company should first develop product and then they should scan the market for sale opportunities. Now days in the modern world the market have changes. The process orientation of marketing requires a company to first to analyse the market, understand customer requirement and then develop products. In todays world, the modern marketing is based on the reverse process, in which the first the customer needs and demands are identified. The subsequent market program of the firm depends on how the market identifies the potential customer, profiles them, target them and positions his offering in the minds of customer. These concept is also known as STP (Segmentation, Targeting…show more content…
Samsung is dominating the Android market about 65% share of all the android devices.

Segmentation Strategies: Apple
• Geographic Segmentation: The retail stores of Apple are located in the highly populated cities around the world. With the online presence or official websites in the 88 countries.
• Demographic Segmentation: At the ages of 14 - 55, students and business professionals, etc. Plus most Apple stores in the U.S. are concentrated in New York and California, showing that the apple caters to a high income and posh lifestyle segments.
• Psychographic Segmentation: Most of used the type of segmentation by Apple. Segment users according to their lifestyle.
• Product related segmentation: Another major marketing strategy used extensively by the company. Every Apple device is targeted specifically to different groups of consumers and businesses and features in the products are built around their needs. Apple has segmented products vertically, creating on product for one particular use.
Apple also targets according to brand loyalty, considering that Apple has quite a cult-like following just due to it 's image/brand
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Samsung opts for the function over the form, and customizability. The two target are different segments.
Samsung has a wide and big portfolio of the products. It has the opportunity to connect people 's homes and appliances with their smartphones, and create a Samsung ecosystem in People 's homes. Apple has an narrow product line, which if diversified can lead to tarnishing its premium image.
Differentiation between Apple and Samsung
• Geographic Segmentation: In the world wide, they sell their phones in 61 different countries. Make many slight variations in the languages and applications but the physical appearance of their phones is universal.
• Demographic Segmentation: Age of 16 to 29, for the businessmen, for middleclass, youth, etc. The target middle class and high class of the income segments.
Family Life Cycle Segmentation : Target the young single, even young married or divorced with or without children.
• Psychographic Segmentation: The individuals from youngster to mid 30 's who like the new technology, tech savvy and can afford to buy it, plus pink range of the mobile phones for girls and cheaper the touch screen stylish phones for the lower

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