Swot Analysis Of Marks And Spencer's Organization

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Moreover, be invisible strategic of disposition of military strength philosophy was applied in Marks and Spencer’s organization. Marks and Spencer believes that working culture within an organization is important to serve as a guideline and act as an influence to their workers as their company is growing. A change will be made whenever there is a new strategy been decided by the company, and lead to a variety of methods in working. As the saying said: “build strengths that can take advantage of opportunities”. Difficulty in surviving in a retailer business had affected Marks and Spencer to come up with a new strategy with 3 core business values which are “Quality, Value, and Service” causing a big change in Marks and Spencer. The strategy was…show more content…
Marks and Spencer has been operating in the retail industry over 125 years. More than one hundred years of history made them well known by most of the population locally and internationally. This has also helped them to build a vivid image in the mind of customers. International online shopping and delivery infrastructure. Marks and Spencer offers delivery to over 30 countries from UK site and have 8 international websites.including Malaysia (International Delivery, 2014). Due to quality, convenience and wide range of products, Mark and spencer is perceived as "value for money" (Marks and Spencer, 2014). Plus, its unique selling point has been quality manufacturing and innovation. There are over 1000+ stores available across 40 countries in UK site and Asian countries (Marks and Spencer, 2014). It is very convenient for people from different places to pay a visit at the…show more content…
The design of the webpage lack of visual features and the usage of colour is also less, which could make it hard to catch the attention of people. Weak stock control (Swot Analysis for Marks & Spencer, 2011). Mark and spencer receives lot of complaints regarding the problems while using the e-shopping and delivery system of the company. Opportunities There are future opportunities to expand their brand in China and India market and making these countries as center of attention for business as this can lead to expansion two of the fastest growing markets in the world(Marks and Spencer,2014). This is because China and India have the most number of populations and therefore a huge profit. Enhance innovation and also creativity for online shopping (Marks and Spencer, 2014). The advent of technology such as internet, online shopping has become a trend for everyone and almost all retail companies have their own established webpage. Therefore, with the improvement of illustrations and features of webpage design, it will help to attract the customers. Introduce new target segment such as youngsters (Marks and Spencer, 2014). Changes have to be made to solve the myth among youngsters that Mark and Spencer only cater to the older generation in terms of design and

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